Prime Minister unveils new Canada ecoTrust

Quebec investment the first of new funding to deliver real results for Canadians
Ottawa, Ontario
12 February 2007

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, joined by Quebec Premier Jean Charest, today announced that Canada’s New Government intends to provide Quebec with $349.9 million, as part of a new Canada ecoTrust to support provincial projects that will result in real reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants. 

“Canada’s New Government is investing to protect Canadians from the consequences of climate change, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions,” said the Prime Minister. “Today’s announcement recognizes Quebec’s leadership in this area, and provides support for measurable progress that benefits all Canadians.”

“In June 2006, our government adopted its plan to combat climate change. This plan has been hailed as one of the finest in North America. With Ottawa contributing financially to this Quebec initiative, we will be able to achieve our objectives,” indicated Premier Charest.

Quebec’s funding under the Canada ecoTrust is intended to support projects identified in or building upon Quebec’s 2006-2012 action plan for climate change.  As a result of this federal funding, the Government of Quebec has indicated that it will be able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 13.8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide or equivalent below its anticipated 2012 level.  The Government of Quebec has indicated that it will use the Canada ecoTrust funding to move forward on several provincial projects which may include:

  • Investments to improve access to new technologies for the trucking sector;

  • A program to develop renewable energy sources in rural regions;

  • A pilot plant for production of cellulosic ethanol;

  • Promotion of geothermal heat pumps in the residential sector;

  • Support for technological research and innovation for the reduction and sequestration of greenhouse gases;

  • Support for the capture of biogas from landfill sites;

  • Support for waste treatment and energy recovery from agricultural biomass.

    The Canada ecoTrust for Clean Air and Climate Change will be designed to allow each province and territory to develop technology, energy efficiency, and other projects that will provide real results. The Government of Canada will work with all provinces and territories to fully develop this new, national fund.

    Canada’s New Government is already taking concrete action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution by committing to implement aggressive regulations to reduce emissions in all sectors and bring in new initiatives in the energy and transportation sectors. The provincial initiatives supported by the Canada ecoTrust will complement those efforts.

    This Canada ecoTrust will be established using part of the anticipated 2006-07 budgetary surplus. The resources for the Canada ecoTrust initiative will consist of 1.5 billion dollars of new funding on a national basis. This funding will be contained in the upcoming budget and is a part of the actions to be taken on the fiscal imbalance. This new funding will be available as soon as Parliament approves that budget.