PM announces changes to the Ministry

Ottawa, Ontario
19 January 2010

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced changes to the Ministry in preparation for a Speech from the Throne and the implementation of Phase II of Canada’s Economic Action Plan.

“Just as it was this past year, our priority in the new session of Parliament will continue to be rapid and effective implementation of Canada’s Economic Action Plan to benefit communities, workers and businesses,” said the Prime Minister. “Investments in infrastructure and initiatives to protect existing jobs and create new ones must continue. At the same time, we must look ahead to future challenges. These include restoring a balanced budget once our economy is fully recovered and building our economic future.”

In keeping with the Cabinet’s economic focus, the Prime Minister announced that key economic portfolios would remain with veteran Cabinet ministers.

The Prime Minister thanked the Honourable Greg Thompson, MP (New Brunswick Southwest), for his service as Minister of Veterans Affairs. Notable changes to the Ministry include the appointment of the Honourable Christian Paradis as Minister of Natural Resources and the Honourable Stockwell Day as President of the Treasury Board and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway.

“Minister Paradis has demonstrated the ability to manage complex and challenging files,” said the Prime Minister. “He will bring this experience to bear on the demanding nuclear file.”

“As we prepare for the return of balanced budgets once the economy has recovered, it will be essential for government to live within its means,” said the Prime Minister. “I am assigning this task to Minister Day, one of the most senior members of the Cabinet and a former provincial treasurer who has distinguished himself in every portfolio he has held.”

The Prime Minister also welcomed the Honourable Rob Moore to the Ministry, where he will serve as Minister of State (Small Business and Tourism).

“This is an experienced team that will stay the course on our government’s stimulus plan while working to ensure Canada emerges from the recession with a stronger economy to meet tomorrow’s challenges,” said the Prime Minister.

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