Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada urging Canadians to donate to the Haïti relief effort

Ottawa, Ontario
22 January 2010

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement urging Canadians to donate to the Haiti relief effort:

“Once more our friends in Haiti face a terrible tragedy. Instant and utter, the devastation and human misery wrought by the earthquake last week in this already fragile country has touched hearts everywhere.

“Entire families have been killed. Thousands of injured people wait for treatment. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their homes. The lucky among them sleep in tents. For the rest there is nothing.

“Our military personnel, development and humanitarian workers are on the ground, and Canadians, well-known for their compassion and generosity, have already given tens of millions of dollars for relief and reconstruction. But so widespread is the damage, so severe the destruction, that much is needed, much more.

“Our government is committed to matching every donation that Canadians make to relief organizations dollar for dollar. Together we can make a difference so that hope may return to Haiti. Please give generously. Thank you.”