A Stronger Canada. A Stronger Economy. Now and for the Future

Ottawa, Ontario
3 March 2010

Today, Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, Governor General of Canada, delivered the Government’s Speech from the Throne to open the Third Session of Canada’s 40th Parliament and outline the broad agenda of the Government of Canada. 

Canada is poised to emerge from the recession powered by one of the strongest economies in the industrialized world.  Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, jobs and growth will remain the top priority.  The Government will focus on:

• Completing Canada’s Economic Action Plan to protect incomes, create jobs, ease credit markets, and help workers and communities get back on their feet.

• Returning to fiscal balance by winding down stimulus spending as economic activity rebounds and by restraining federal program spending overall while protecting growth in transfers that directly benefit Canadians, such as pensions, health care and education.

• Continuing to work on job creation and job protection, recognizing that too many Canadians are still looking for work, the Government is helping young Canadians entering today’s job market for the first time make the transition to work.

• Building the jobs and industries of the future by investing in Canadians’ skills and education, keeping taxes low, opening markets to Canadian goods and services, and creating the conditions for continued success of industries that are the foundation of Canada’s prosperity.

In addition, the Speech from the Throne sets out the Government’s broader agenda, one that reflects Canadians’ values and focuses on what matters most to Canadians: 

• Making Canada the best place for families by strengthening the Universal Child Care Benefit, protecting consumers, ensuring that the law protects everyone while those who commit crimes are held to account.

• Standing up for those who helped build Canada by strengthening Canada’s retirement income system and supporting legislation to establish Seniors Day, continuing to stand up for Canada’s military and its veterans,  and continuing to recognize the contributions of Canada’s Aboriginal people.

• Strengthening a united Canada in a changing world by pursuing democratic reforms, further strengthening Canada’s Francophone identity, improving the immigration and refugee systems, helping the North realize its vast potential, and protecting and preserving our natural environment.

The Government will also continue to stand up for what is right in the world including global security, human rights, maternal and child health, financial market regulation and international climate change.  This year, as we host the G-8 and G-20 summits, the Government will use its international leadership to advance these goals.

To realize the hopes Canadians hold for themselves and their families, the economy must remain the Government’s single most urgent priority.  That is why tomorrow the Government will present a Budget focussed on jobs and growth.