PM announces Red Tape Reduction Commission

Small and medium-sized businesses to benefit from reduced administrative burden
Toronto, Ontario
13 January 2011

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, accompanied by Rob Moore, Minister of State (Small Business and Tourism), today announced the creation of the Red Tape Reduction Commission, which will work to reduce the burden of federal regulatory requirements on Canadian enterprises, especially small- and medium-sized businesses.

“Small and medium-sized businesses are a critical driver of the Canadian economy,” said the Prime Minister.  “This initiative will help ensure that they can grow, prosper and create jobs without being impeded by unnecessary government regulations.”

The Red Tape Reduction Commission, chaired by Minister of State Moore, will help find effective and lasting solutions to support Canadian small- and medium-sized businesses.  It will consult with Canadians and Canadian businesses to identify irritants that have a clear detrimental effect on growth, competitiveness and innovation.  The Commission will also look at the cost associated with federal regulatory requirements that businesses face, and provide advice on permanent solutions for reducing the overall compliance burden. 

“Canadian businesses spend billions of dollars each year adhering to regulations,” added Prime Minister Harper.  “We need to look at where and how we can reduce these costs and this red-tape burden, especially on small businesses.”

The Commission will hold consultations with Canadians and Canadian businesses during a series of round tables later this month. An online consultation process will also take place ( before the Commission issues its recommendations to the Government in the fall of 2011.