PM highlights success of Government Work-Sharing Program

Announces plans for tax credit for children’s artistic activities as part of the Next Phase of Canada’s Economic Action Plan
Brampton, Ontario
17 March 2011

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today visited T.A. Brannon Steel Ltd., where he highlighted the company’s highly successful participation in the Government’s Work-Sharing Program, a key component of Canada’s Economic Action Plan. The Prime Minister was joined by Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development.
“When the global recession hit, our Government took decisive action – including the Work-Sharing Program – to help support workers and their communities,” said the Prime Minister. “Our efforts have been remarkably successful and moving forward, we will continue to focus on what matters most to Canadian workers, their families and their communities. This means keeping taxes low, supporting job creation, and investing in innovation, research, and training.”

Work-Sharing is designed to help companies facing a temporary slowdown in business avoid layoffs by offering Employment Insurance to workers who are willing to work a reduced workweek.

T.A. Brannon Steel joined the Work-Sharing Program in 2009. As a result of its participation, the company was able to avoid the layoff of approximately 35 employees. It is one of many companies across the country that has turned the corner and is now benefitting from national and international demands.

The Prime Minister also previewed the Next Phase of Canada’s Economic Action Plan in a speech to the joint Brampton-Mississauga Board of Trade, where the Prime Minister announced plans for a new tax credit for children’s artistic activities. 

“The family is the basic building block of Canadian society,” said the Prime Minister. “That’s why the Next Phase of Canada’s Economic Action Plan will contain new support for Canadian families and communities, including a tax credit for children’s participation in artistic activities.”

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