Syrian sanctions

Ottawa, Ontario
24 May 2011

On May 24th our Government announced targeted sanctions against the Syrian regime and some designated individuals and entities in response to the on-going violent crackdown by its military and security forces against Syrians peacefully protesting for democracy and human rights.

These measures, which are a blend of administrative measures and actions taken under the authority of the Special Economic Measures Act, are consistent with initiatives taken by like-minded states, including the United States and the European Union.

Canadian Measures:

1. A travel ban:

Canada will ensure that persons associated with the Syrian government who are believed to be inadmissible to Canada are prevented from travelling to Canada.

2. An asset freeze:

Canada will impose an asset freeze against people associated with the current Syrian regime and entities involved in security and military operations against the Syrian people.

3. A ban on specific exports and imports

Canada will place a ban under the Export and Import Permits Act on the export from Canada to Syria of goods and technology that are subject to export controls.

This includes arms, munitions, military, nuclear, and strategic items that are intended for use by the armed forces, police or other governmental agencies of Syria; and

4. A suspension of all bilateral cooperation agreements and initiatives with Syria.

The measures announced are consistent with Canada’s foreign policy priority to promote freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law around the world.