Canada-China Law Enforcement and Judicial Cooperation

Beijing, China
9 February 2012

The Government of Canada is committed to increasing dialogue and exchanges with China in the field of governance, which includes legal, judicial and law enforcement cooperation, and rule of law and human rights.

To this end, on February 9, 2012, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Premier Wen Jiabao reaffirmed Canada and China’s intention to strengthen cooperation in combatting transnational crime and repatriating fugitives, and to enhance judicial and law enforcement cooperation. Canada and China are also exploring options for reaching an agreement on how to deal with the proceeds of crimes committed by foreign nationals.

Canada has a long-standing and comprehensive relationship with China in the area of bilateral cooperation on legal and judicial issues. The two countries participate in the Canada-China Law Enforcement and Judicial Cooperation Consultations, an expert legal forum established in 2008 and led by both countries’ foreign ministries to encourage exchange on legal cooperation matters.  In June 2010, Prime Minister Harper and Chinese President Hu Jintao witnessed the signing of the Canada-China MOU on Cooperation on Combatting Crime. The MOU aims to facilitate cooperation between the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Chinese Ministry of Public Security.
Law enforcement officials from both countries continue to meet every year, with the eighth meeting of the Canada-China Working Group on Law Enforcement and Judicial Cooperation having taken place in China in May 2011, and the ninth round scheduled to take place in Canada in mid-2012.  Negotiations on how to deal with the proceeds of crime are anticipated to begin in spring 2012.‬

Close cooperation between Canada and China on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters also led to the prosecution of Ang Li in China for his role in the death of Amanda Zhao in Vancouver.  Discussions between Canadian and Chinese legal experts also facilitated the deportation of economic fugitive Lai Changxing to China in July 2011.