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Advisory Committee on Vice-Regal Appointments
Ottawa, Ontario
4 November 2012


The Advisory Committee on Vice-Regal Appointments (“Advisory Committee”) is a non-partisan committee established to provide the Prime Minister with non-binding recommendations on the selection of Governors General, Lieutenant Governors and Territorial Commissioners.

Constitution of the Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee will consist of the following members:

  • the Canadian Secretary to The Queen, who will serve as permanent ex-officio Chair of the Advisory Committee and will be responsible for its overall stewardship;
  • two permanent members (one anglophone and one francophone); and
  • two temporary members (in the case of Lieutenant Governor or Territorial Commissioner appointments, these members would be drawn from the jurisdiction(s) next set to appoint a Lieutenant Governor or Territorial Commissioner).

A representative from the Prime Minister’s office will participate in the Advisory Committee as an observer, without being entitled to vote on recommendations.

Where there are multiple upcoming Lieutenant Governor or Territorial Commissioner vacancies, the Advisory Committee may be constituted in multiple forms (i.e., it may engage in concurrent recommendation processes with the temporary members participating as appropriate).

Advisory Committee terms

The permanent members will serve for terms not exceeding six years, with varying terms among members, as determined by the Prime Minister.

The temporary members will serve for terms not exceeding six months.

Individuals are eligible for reappointment.

Recommendation process

The recommendation process will take place in three stages:

  1. When a vacancy is anticipated, the Prime Minister will launch a recommendation process by sending letters to members of the Advisory Committee, together with guidance on the process. 
  2. The Advisory Committee will begin deliberations on candidates, and consult with key stakeholders.  If required, the Advisory Committee will meet twice per appointment.  The Advisory Committee will report to the Prime Minister on the progress of its deliberations as appropriate.
  3. The Advisory Committee will present a report to the Prime Minister with a shortlist of proposed candidates for consideration.