Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada announcing additional sanctions

Ottawa, Ontario
17 March 2014

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement announcing further economic sanctions and additional travel bans against Ukrainian and Russian officials:

“Today, our Government is announcing additional sanctions that will serve to further isolate Russia from the international community.

“Targeted sanctions through regulations under the Special Economic Measures Act build on sanctions already in place, and are being imposed against senior Russian officials as well as additional Ukrainian officials. The individuals targeted are responsible for undermining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and for facilitating Russian military action against Ukraine.

“The travel bans will serve to restrict senior Ukrainian and Russian officials responsible for the crisis from travelling to Canada.

“These measures demonstrate that Canada will not stand by while Russia violates Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity, and that Russia’s actions will have consequences.  

“In the days ahead we will continue to work with our G-7 partners and other allies on measures to further pressure Russia to de-escalate by withdrawing its troops to their bases.”