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Efforts to counter terrorism and violent extremism

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While in Washington, D.C. attending the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced an additional commitment to strengthen counter-terrorism capacity in Africa and the Middle East. These funds will be drawn from the resources announced on February 8, 2016, when Canada articulated its refocused strategy for Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon.

Through Global Affairs Canada’s Counter-Terrorism Capacity Building Program (CTCBP), Canada will assist foreign states in preventing and responding to terrorist activity. This will be achieved through the provision of training, equipment, and technical legal assistance.

The CTCBP has the following six thematic priorities: law enforcement, military and intelligence; legal assistance; border and transportation security; combatting the financing of terrorism; countering improvised explosive devices; and, countering violent extremism and foreign terrorist fighters.

Canada is a member of 18 international legal instruments to combat terrorism, and is actively involved in international efforts to fight terrorism via the UN, the Global Coalition Against ISIL, the Global Counter-terrorism Forum, and the G7. Canada also cooperates bilaterally with other governments and with key international organizations, notably INTERPOL.