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Signing of the Canada-EU Strategic Partnership Agreement

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Canada and the European Union (EU) have a partnership that is founded on a shared history and values, and a mutual commitment to fundamental democratic principles. Canada’s relations with the EU have also served as a strong basis for successful collaboration with EU Member States. The Government of Canada is committed to further strengthening its bilateral relationship with the EU in a broad range of areas.

Today’s signature of the Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) marks a new chapter in the ever-expanding Canada-EU relationship – one that complements the expansion of the economic relationship under the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), and reaffirms a shared commitment to the principles and values of open economies and societies.

The SPA lays out a strategic direction for stronger future relations and collaboration between Canada, the EU, and its member states at both the bilateral and multilateral level.

The SPA will improve cooperation in important areas such as energy, environment and climate change, migration and peaceful pluralism, counter-terrorism and international peace and security, and effective multilateralism.

The agreement will also deepen Canada’s relationship with the EU, establish regular meetings amongst leaders and senior officials; and will enhance consular protection for Canadians.

Following today’s signature of the SPA and the landmark signing ceremony of CETA, Canada and EU countries will move to the ratification process.