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Canada’s leadership in Iraq

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Canada will assume command of a new NATO training and capacity building mission in Iraq for its first year. The mission is the natural next step for Canada, as we move forward from the successful fight against Daesh to helping build institutional capacity in Iraq and create the foundations for longer-term peace and stability.

Specifically, this will include the following deployment of up to 250 Canadian Armed Forces personnel and assets from Fall 2018 to Fall 2019, including:

  • A Major-General: A major-general will serve as commander for the NATO mission in Iraq;
  • Force Protection: Up to 125 personnel and supporting armoured vehicles for transportation, mobile force protection, and on-site security at NATO Headquarters in Baghdad;
  • Headquarters Staff: Approximately 20 personnel in Baghdad to support NATO operation;
  • Advisors and Trainers: Approximately 50 personnel to provide additional capacity to the Iraqi Army Schools and Training Centres in the vicinity of Baghdad; and,
  • Rotary-wing Aircraft: Authorize up to four Griffon helicopters and supporting personal for NATO activities.

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