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Expanding partnerships and strengthening ties in the Indo-Pacific

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As a Pacific nation, Canada is committed to expanding partnerships and strengthening ties in the Indo-Pacific, which plays an essential role in our country’s economic growth, prosperity, and security. The region is a critical hub for trade, investment, and manufacturing, with important supply chains originating and flowing through it. We will continue to work with our Indo-Pacific partners to make progress on shared priorities and enhance our engagement through Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy (IPS), which will be released soon. As announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mélanie Joly, on November 9, 2022, the IPS will focus on the following objectives:

  • Strengthening Canada’s role as a reliable and engaged partner to the Indo-Pacific;
  • Ensuring resilience, peace, and security;
  • Expanding trade, investment, and supply chain resilience;
  • Investing in and connecting people; and
  • Building a sustainable and green future.

Modern Team Canada 3.0 Trade Missions (IPS)

Funding: $45 million over five years

The Government of Canada will launch a series of enhanced Minister-led trade missions to the Indo-Pacific focused on priority markets and innovative sectors, in collaboration with partner departments, provinces and territories, and other stakeholders. This trade mission model will position Canadian exporters and innovators for success in Indo-Pacific markets by showcasing their capabilities and competitiveness and facilitating long-term trade and investment opportunities. This initiative will also support regionally based Canadian Chambers of Commerce by strengthening their capacity and effectiveness, including as partners in the successful execution of trade missions to the Indo-Pacific.

Canadian Indo-Pacific Agriculture and Agri-Food Office (IPAAO) (IPS)

Funding: $31.8 million over five years

This initiative will increase and diversify Canada’s agriculture and agri-food exports to the Indo-Pacific by establishing our first agriculture office in the region. This new office will position Canada as a preferred agriculture and agri-food supplier to the region, strengthening trade on both sides of the Pacific. By engaging with stakeholders, regulators, and policy decision makers, it will deepen partnerships with Indo-Pacific partners to diversify export markets and products, create new opportunities, and position Canada as a long-term, reliable trading partner of choice for the Indo-Pacific.

Increasing Capacity of Canadian Missions in the Indo-Pacific (IPS)

Funding: $92.5 million over five years

This initiative will create close to 60 new positions to significantly expand capacity at Canada’s missions abroad and within Global Affairs Canada, with the goal to advance and defend Canadian interests in the Indo-Pacific. It will help deepen diplomatic, security, trade, development, and climate ties with regional partners while helping to ensure Canada has the capacity to seize emerging opportunities, and quickly and efficiently respond to regional developments.

Expanding Natural Resource Ties with the Indo-Pacific Region (IPS)

Funding: $13.5 million over five years

This initiative will build Canadian capacities to expand natural resource ties – in trade, investment, and science, technology and innovation – with priority Indo-Pacific partners, including Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Taiwan. With new expert personnel in the field and enhanced capacities in Canada, it will increase Canada’s cooperation with regional partners, share and expand Canada’s expertise related to trade in natural resources and clean tech, and support the expansion and diversification of trade and investment in Canadian natural resources.

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