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Prime Minister’s remarks announcing support for businesses and farmers

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Hello everyone.

Before I get started, I wanted to offer my condolences to the victims and to all those grieving after the horrific shooting in Vienna that started in front of the city’s synagogue.

We stand by the people of Austria, and Jewish communities around the world, who are reeling from this attack.

There have been too many of these unacceptable acts of terrorism and violence in our world recently, including in France over the last few weeks, and at Kabul University in Afghanistan yesterday.

Canada stands united with people everywhere in condemning these latest, terrible attacks.   

These days, our world is facing all kinds of challenges.

More and more, we are seeing the second wave of COVID-19 creating difficulties for several countries in Europe and elsewhere.

The UK has announced a new lockdown.

Belgium and France are experiencing a dramatic increase in hospitalizations.

Their nurses and doctors are exhausted, and their hospitals are overwhelmed. 

The situation is worrisome and must be taken seriously.

The second wave of COVID-19 in places like the UK, Belgium, and France is a wake-up call that Canadians cannot afford to ignore.

Right now, this virus is being given the chance to spread.

It’s being given the opportunity to grow.

I know that’s hard to hear, but the numbers are showing us that our window to turn this around is closing fast.

We have to work together—right now—to beat the second wave.

It won’t be easy, but I know we can do it.

Just yesterday, I spoke to Dr. Tam and to our caucus from Manitoba about what that province needs to do to deal with their latest surge in cases.

On top of the federal support we’ve already provided, from the Safe Restart Agreement to the Safe Return to Class Fund, we’re taking additional measures.

Already, we’ve delivered to Manitoba over 90,000 rapid tests.

Nationwide, the number is more than 2 million rapid tests shipped to the frontlines.

For Manitoba in particular, we’re also providing federal support on contact tracing, modelling, and COVID-19 test processing.

And we’re shipping out PPE and working together on support for measures like isolation housing.

There, and right across the country, we will continue collaborating with all orders of government to keep Canadians safe.

But governments can’t do this alone.

We need your help too. So please: limit the number of people you see to what is absolutely essential, download COVID Alert—5 million people are now using this app, and keep wearing your mask, washing your hands, and staying 2 metres apart.

I know it’s tough, but it’ll be even tougher if we give up now.

We flattened the curve this spring.

It’s time to do it again this fall.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been speaking with business owners across the country.

And while this virus is no match for their resilience and creativity, I’ve heard how worried people are about the second wave. 

So on that front, we’re taking yet another step forward.  

Today, I can announce that the CanExport program is pivoting to provide new support for small and medium-sized businesses on e-commerce, online platforms, and virtual trade events.

There will also be additional resources to help business owners navigate COVID-19 trade rules, and dedicated help for women and Indigenous entrepreneurs.  

Many small businesses have been able to stay open because they moved online.

We want to grow that potential.

Not only is this a great way to make sure that local shops can keep serving their neighbours—it’s an opportunity to expand into global markets and rebuild a strong, resilient economy when the Canada brand is strong.

Whether it's here or on the world markets, we'll be there for Canadians throughout this second wave.   

Yesterday, the Deputy Prime Minister introduced legislation to implement our new targeted support measures for hard-hit businesses.

These measures include the new Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy and the new Lockdown Support.

The bill also provides for the extension of the wage subsidy, which is helping many employers and employees.

I hope all parliamentarians will support the speedy passage of this important legislation to help workers and small business owners.   

Just as this pandemic has been difficult for small business owners, it has also been difficult for farmers.

In the coming months, we will continue to be there for the women and men who help us put good food on our plates.

Today, I am announcing an investment of $7.5 million to support Quebec farmers through the Emergency On-Farm Support Fund.

This is part of our $35 million investment to support farmers and ensure the health and safety of Canadian and migrant workers across the country.

Everyone deserves to be safe on the job.

Farm workers are there for us, and our government will continue to be there for them.

I want to end this morning by offering my deepest condolences to the family, friends, and CAF colleagues of Corporal James Choi, who we tragically lost over the weekend.

We are here for you as you mourn this terrible loss.

Those who knew Corporal Choi describe a dedicated, hardworking young man, and a natural leader. 

He will be missed.

As we mark the start of Veterans’ Week this Thursday, we’ll have the chance to honour the service and sacrifice of Corporal Choi and of so many others.   

Our women and men in uniform have stood together in defence of a better world.

Let’s remember their legacy and do our part to carry it forward.

This year, many Remembrance commemorations have moved online, so go to to join in.

You can also pick up a poppy at a box in your neighbourhood—they’ve set things up for touch-free donations—or create a digital version at

This week, in particular, we remember the courage and sacrifices of those who have served and continue to serve our country.

Their bravery made the world a better place and they will always be an inspiration to us all. 

Thank you.