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Statement by the Prime Minister on National Volunteer Week

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The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on National Volunteer Week:

“As we celebrate the start of National Volunteer Week, we come together to recognize the generosity and invaluable contributions of Canadian volunteers to our communities – and to our world.

“From coast to coast to coast, volunteers share a common purpose – to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Whether it’s by supporting local charities and food banks, engaging in environmental action, or lending a helping hand during our most challenging times, they embody the values of compassion, solidarity, and inclusivity that define our country.

“Through initiatives like the Canada Service Corps, we are seeing young Canadians turn their passion into action. They’re helping their communities for the better and learning important skills like leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving.

“This year’s theme, ‘Every Moment Matters’, recognizes the volunteers that rise to the occasion. This was exemplified during last year’s devastating wildfire season, when families, friends, neighbours, and strangers had each other’s backs, coming together to provide shelter, hot meals, and hope to those who needed it most.

“The Government of Canada celebrates the efforts of our country’s volunteers and the vital roles they play through Canada’s Volunteer Awards. These awards not only commend individual efforts but also serve as a source of inspiration for future volunteers to become active in their communities. I would like to personally congratulate the award recipients, including Rahul Singh – recipient of the 2023 Thérèse Casgrain Lifelong Achievement award – for his leadership in disaster response efforts amid flooding in British Columbia, as well as countless other emergencies around the world.

“Everyone, no matter their age or background, can help build a better Canada. Every day – and moment – matters, with simple acts of kindness going a long way. As we celebrate this National Volunteer Week, I invite all Canadians to thank the volunteers in their communities and share their personal volunteering stories using the hashtags #NVW2024 and #EveryMomentMatters. To all volunteers: thank you for making Canada the kind, welcoming, and generous country we proudly call home.”